“An Other Day” this is new LetKolben‘s single, which he has created as collaboration with Mobile Soul System. In this release for ACHT, LetKolben did some decent decisions and has created a very good single track, after short collaboration with MSS. Track has masterful arrangements of shuffling percussion, moody chords, arpeggio melody, an ecstatic female vocal snippet and a retro-futuristic sheen. Thanks to a few massive breakdowns and dose of a good groove, “An Other Day” is a big, sunny and loud but it’s less subtle than other LetKolben’s tracks. Mixture of these dreamy sounds are nailing many feelings, which moves between melancholy and bliss. Supplying shimmering momentum, track produces a feeling of drift, as if we’re looking down on the dance floor from some serene higher vantage-point. LetKolben has been releasing music for many years and he knows where to go, when it comes to creating electrifying moments. He has did not that many collaboration with different artists, but this work expands from a new side and revels in loose improvisation. Taking all that into account, the atmosphere of “An Other Day” could be a surprise to many who have followed LetKolben‘s career.