“Stand by Me” is a decent trip through his latter-day style of LetKolben’s music: deeper than minimal house. From the one side variously jazzy and shaded with live instrumentation, from the other side has a cosmic atmosphere with a grainy sheen. Paired with a kick drum, its glittering arrangement suddenly feels a bit twee, though on the right dance floor it could make for a dazzling moment. Constructed from a main synth pulse to a slick percussive banger, it hitting the perfect groove. These sorts of chords, deft and live-sounding, crown this track. “Stand by Me” is a handy option for DJs which are meeting a sunrise, the ambient equivalent of a morning stroll through a beach. As always, LetKolben’s tracks remain playful and inquisitive, exploring and inventing within snug aesthetic constraints. You might come to this track delicacy and you’ll stay for his sly groove.