LET Rave at Baywatch Birgit


July 15, 2016
10:00 pm
Berlin, Germany
Birgit Club
LET Rave at Baywatch Birgit

In the very heart of Berlin’s most colorful quarter, lies Birgit&Bier: a huge, magical playground for adults.
“Bier” is the German word for Beer, and represents a generous Beer-Garden that is open daily from 14:00 for free, and offers fresh pilsner Beer brewed in the Czech Republic.
However, when the sun clears the way for the night skies, it is Birgit who takes the lead. Our Birgit reigns over three magnificent dance floors equipped with powerful Funktion One systems. Each floor is designed for a completely different musical style: Birgit’s Wohnzimmer is a half open cosy living room for Berlin’s finest Deep and Tech House. The Bunker floor is a powerful, hypnotizing Techno vault, and the Rummel floor is a fun floor where everything but electronic music is being played.
Whether you are there to enjoy a cold, fresh keg beer or to lose yourself in Birgit’s full weekend party program, Birgit&Bier is exactly the venue that offers you the best of everything you ever loved in the night.

Baywatch Birgit, with water pools and PiƱa coladas for those who show up with their bathing suits!

Line up:
Thomas Schumacher
Daniel Dreier
Ed Ed
Ale Castro
Aananda (live)
Sven Laux
Andi de Luxe